SoundOUT Secondary Glazed Sliding Door - Series 533

For residential / light commercial applications. Vantage SoundOUT™ sliding doors have been designed to go behind existing windows and doors where noise is a problem. To significantly reduce sound an air space of 75 to 100mm between the inner and outer glass panels is required. All SoundOUT™ panels slide to allow cleaning of the inner face of the outer window/door. SoundOUT™ sliding doors have flat finger pulls both sides.

The Series 533 SoundOUT™ Sliding door has been specially designed to reduce noise infiltration through door openings. The SoundOUT™ sliding sash system is designed to be installed behind existing or new doors usually on the reveals within the wall dimension.

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Excellent noise reduction properties.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 20mm)

All panels slide to allow easy access for cleaning.
Noise Reduction
Window Type Reduction RW
Single Glazed Sliding Window with 3mm Glass 22dB(A) RW22
Single Glazed Sliding Window with 6.38mm Glass 31dB(A) RW32
Double Glazed Sliding Window with 19mm IGU 30dB(A) RW30
Single Glazed Sliding Door with 4mm Glass
100mm Air Space
SoundOUT Sliding Door with 6.38mm Glass
44dB(A) RW42