Residential DStacker Stacking Door - Series 542

This stacking slider is the ideal door when you are looking for an economical wide opening door.

Extra Opening: DStacker™ slider doors open approximately 50% more than a conventional ‘FX’ door. The two sliding panels stack behind the third fixed panel.

Two Stacking Options: They come as three (‘FXX’ or ‘XXF’) or six panel (‘FXXXXF’) doors, with two panels moving towards one jamb and two towards the other, as shown on the following page.

Glazing: As with other Vantage door types the DStacker™ slider door panels can be glazed with a range of options, including toughened, laminated and hermetically sealed double glazing for thermal transmission reduction. Door panels will also accept 8.38 and 10.38mm laminated glass.

Flydoors: An optional custom DStacker™ sliding flydoor system can be fitted in front of the glass doors.

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Can take flydoors to stop insects entering your home.

Lockable handle as a standard feature.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 16mm)
MIRO Single Point
ANDO Twin Point
Powdercoat or SS
ANDO Slimline
ANDO Single Point
ICON Stainless
Stainless Steel
WERS Energy Ratings
Single Glazed uValue SHGC
5mm Clear 6.2 0.72
6.38mm Clear Laminate 6.2 0.69
6.38mm Comfort Plus Clear 4.3 0.59

Double Glazed uValue SHGC
4mm Clear + 4mm Clear 4.0 0.61
5mm Clear + 5mm Clear 4.1 0.59
4mm Clear + 4mm Energytech 3.2 0.57