Residential Sliding Door - Series 541

Vantage sliding doors have rightly earned their reputation as the premier door and come with a variety of opening options.

Strength Assured: The extra width of the Vantage Series 541 frame (102mm) gives both frame and doors rigidity, and the different strength meeting stile options ensure suitability for most areas.

Smooth Rolling: We have single roller carriages for light doors and heavy duty double roller carriages for heavier door panels. Flydoors are fitted with large diameter heavy duty spring loaded wheels.

Flyproof Screens: Flydoors are fitted on the outside to make sure insects stay on the outside when you close the door. The custom Vantage flydoors are designed to complement the overall appearance of the door unit.

Wheelchair-Friendly: The gentle sloping custom ‘Nursing Home’ sill section creates a ramp effect, allowing easy access for wheelchairs and walking frames. This sill has inbuilt protection for the door running tracks.

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Can take flydoors to stop insects entering your home.

Lockable handle as a standard feature.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 16mm)

Optional nursing home sill available.
MIRO Single Point
ANDO Twin Point
Powdercoat or SS
ANDO Slimline
ANDO Single Point
ICON Stainless
Stainless Steel
WERS Energy Ratings
Single Glazed uValue SHGC
5mm Clear 6.2 0.72
6.38mm Clear Laminate 6.2 0.69
6.38mm Comfort Plus Clear 4.3 0.59

Double Glazed uValue SHGC
4mm Clear + 4mm Clear 4.0 0.61
5mm Clear + 5mm Clear 4.1 0.59
4mm Clear + 4mm Energytech 3.2 0.57