Residential Awning Window - Series 516

This versatile window can be fabricated as awnings, casement or fixed windows.

Superior Performance: Vantage Series 516 awnings provide superior weathering and sound insulation. The robust frame suits most wind load areas.

Flyscreens: The sill design allows the easy installation of flyscreens without expensive and unsightly trims.

Casement Option: Casement (side opening) sashes are available. These are fitted with stainless steel friction stays and deluxe wedgeless cam handles.

Double Glazing: Sashes and accompanying fixed sidelights can be fitted with sealed insulating glass panels for improved thermal transmission.

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Tested and Certified for SAFE4KIDS.

Can be manufactured to suit BAL40 Bushfire Fire Rating.

Can be flyscreened to stop insects entering your home.

Lockable chainwinder as a standard feature.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 20mm)

Ideal for security when sash is closed.
WERS Energy Ratings
Single Glazed uValue SHGC
5mm Clear 6.6 0.64
6.38mm Clear Laminate 6.5 0.61
6.38mm Comfort Plus Clear 5.0 0.41

Double Glazed uValue SHGC
4mm Clear + 4mm Clear 4.3 0.55
5mm Clear + 5mm Clear 4.4 0.53
4mm Clear + 4mm Energytech 3.6 0.52