Designer Hinged Door - Series 548

Hinged doors in aluminium and glass are ideal in any situation, from front doors to utility doors. They can be supplied in standard configurations or follow a more developed design approach.

The door stiles and rails are substantial and strong, and come with many upgrade options: decorative glazing bars, choice of attractive hardware, highlights, sidelights and adjacent windows in a range of configurations.

Bottom rails are available in standard size to match the rest of the door, or can be made deeper with the addition of a rail extender that gives a more traditional appearance.

Weathering is achieved through a sill drainage system and backing seal design.

Highly secure door locks are available through the Vantage exclusive hardware ranges ANDO™, ICON™ and MIRO™.

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 20mm)

Lockable handle as a standard feature.

Four point locking option available for added security.

Can be manufactured as open inwards or outwards.

ICON Series
Square profile
Stainless Steel
ANDO Series
Rounded profile
Powdercoat or SS
MIRO Series
Beveled profile
WERS Energy Ratings
Single Glazed uValue SHGC
5mm Clear 6.0 0.58
6.38mm Clear Laminate 5.9 0.55
6.38mm Comfort Plus Clear 4.5 0.36

Double Glazed uValue SHGC
4mm Clear + 4mm Clear 4.2 0.52
5mm Clear + 5mm Clear 4.3 0.51
4mm Clear + 4mm Energytech 3.6 0.49