Designer Bifold Window - Series 546

Designed to compliment the series 548 Bi-fold Door system. Series 546 Bi-fold windows are ideal for use in Servery type applications. A range of sill options are available to suit your requirements.

Bi-folding Windows open up to provide almost 90% access to the great outdoors.

Many Configurations: A large number of configurations are available in even number of panels. Please note however that Bi-fold windows are not available with an odd number of panels - which means you can't have a loose swinging panel.

Uniformity: The Series 546 Bi-fold window has been designed to match the Bi-fold door in appearance and performance. Hardware (rollers and bolt locking) also match the doors.

Sizes: The recommended maximum window height without transoms is 1600mm, with a maximum panel width of 900mm. (750mm on windows with lowlights). The maximum panel weight is 45kg (20kg on windows with lowlights).

Successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.

Can be Double Glazed (Max glass thickness ≤ 20mm)

Perfect for use as a servery type window.
WERS Energy Ratings
Single Glazed uValue SHGC
5mm Clear 6.1 0.57
6.38mm Clear Laminate 6.0 0.54
6.38mm Comfort Plus Clear 4.6 0.47

Double Glazed uValue SHGC
4mm Clear + 4mm Clear 4.3 0.51
5mm Clear + 5mm Clear 4.4 0.50
4mm Clear + 4mm Energytech 3.6 0.48